Things That Nurses Won’t Tell Their Patients

Things That Nurses Won't Tell YouThe job of a nurse is definitely something that is hard because they work hard to make sure that they take care of all their patients. Nurses need to finish their four year course and take the board for them to become licensed professionals and for them to work in hospitals.

Another reason why their job is hard is because of their responsibilities to their patients although there are times when they do not tell their patient’s or their folks about the things that are really happening. Here are some things that nurses won’t tell their patients:

“Your Doctor is Incompetent”

As part of their oath as a medical practitioner, nurses would never tell their patients that the doctors are incompetent. They can recommend to their patients to get second opinion but never put down a doctor.

Nurses have different scope of authority when taking care of patients that is why they do not have the right to tell their patients whether their doctors are incompetent.

“You’re Doomed”

Another situation where in a nurse would not tell their patients is if their patient is terminally ill. It is the doctor who should tell their patients because they are the ones making the diagnosis so as patients, expect that nurses would not tell their patients about their conditions.

“Try Herbal Remedies”

They will not also tell their patients to consider herbal treatment. Nurses believe in medicine and they would only advice their patients to take those medicines that are prescribed by their doctors. Other than the ones prescribed, patients are less likely to get recommendations from their nurses.

“Stop Talking About Yourself”

Nurses will never tell their patients to stop talking about the personal lives. Some patients especially those who do not have anybody with them in the hospital would feel comfortable talking about their personal lives but a nurse would never cut their patients off and tell them to shut up.

“You’re Annoying”

No matter how annoying a patient is, their nurses would never tell them that they are annoying, stupid or that they are morons. This is because as a nurse, it is part of their job not to say bad things about the patients and they are expected to have tons of patience.

“You Will Be 100% Cured”

A nurse would not also guarantee or literally tell their patients that they can assure their patient’s full recovery or that they will not have complications or worse die because of their injuries and illnesses. This is because no matter how good doctors and nurses are, there are some things that just happen. This is why nurses would never assure their patients fully.

“You Can’t Stay Here”

Nurses cannot also tell their patients that they do not have the right to stay in the hospital. The doctors are the ones who are providing diagnosis so it is only the doctor who can tell his or her patients that they need to be admitted or not.

“You Can’t Let Everybody Sleepover”

Nurses would not also tell their patients to ask their visitors not to do sleep overs. Nurses only make sure that their patients are okay and they do not have the right to ask other people to that the hospital is not a hotel.

“I Have Your Test Results”

Another thing that nurses will not tell their patients is if their results are already in. Again the results should only be given by doctors which is why even if nurses already know what the results are, they still would not tell their patients to allow the doctors to give out the results.

“Oops… We Missed”

Nurses would not also tell their patients if the person who is taking blood samples missed the vein or not. This is another little secret that nurses keep.

“This Will Hurt”

Nurses would not also tell their patients if the procedure that they will undergo is painful. Nurses would just say that its’ just like being bitten by an ant or mosquito so as to make sure that patients would not panic.

These are just few of the things that nurses would not tell their patients. Knowing that there are some things that nurses cannot tell their patients, do not think that they are incompetent or that they do not wish for their patients to be well; this is just because they adhere to the Nurses’ Code of Ethics.

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