“Smart Stethoscope” can Possibly Detect Kidney Stones

"Smart Stethoscope" can Possibly Detect Kidney StonesThe Technology for Detecting Kidney Stones

Dissolution is perhaps the most used method when it comes to medication to help provide relief for people suffering from kidney stones. Of course, when that approach fails, shockwave lithotripsy can be taken advantage of in order to ensure that the stones are broken down into smaller pieces so that the medication use can dissolve them properly, or even through urination.

Yet, some of the systems used to monitor such a condition aren’t all the effective as a means of identifying whether or not the stones have been properly broken down. Of course, this can lead to even more problems for those people who suffer from it, since they wouldn’t fully recover and might still find some difficulty with their urinary systems.

“The Smart Stethoscope”

However, there been a significant breakthrough in the field of science to address this problem. In fact, a new stethoscope has been unveiled by the research team of the University of Southampton. The development, spearheaded by a Professor Time Leighton, has come to officially recognize it as the “Smart Stethoscope.”

The “Smart Stethoscope” is a medical innovation that is used to listen very closely to the echoes emitted by shockwave pulses from lithotripsy. This can help them discover if the kidney stones have indeed been broken down or are still intact. Below are a few more pieces of information regarding this technological breakthrough in science and medicine.

What Can It Do?

This stethoscope is known to be very effective in determining the condition of the kidney stones still existing within a person’s urinary system, and can help in providing a detailed assessment of whether or not lithotripsy is indeed in full effect. The echoes that the clinicians listen to should be reverberating around a person’s body right after every shock pulse has been delivered.

There are many hospitals under the Guy’s and St. Thomas’ Foundation Trust in London that are currently using this device to monitor kidney stone problems in patients. It is often compared to the same principle of a man bashing a hammer at a train’s wheels. When the wheels are cracked , it emits a much duller sound, whereas if it remains intact, the ringing is quite sharp and very clear.

As of the moment, there are several kidney stone patients being treated with this device. The main concern with such a condition is that most patients are often sent home to recover without every fully recognizing the state of these stones. They would often encounter problems in urinating when these stones haven’t been completely shattered enough to pass through their urine. Such a device can remedy such concerns, and is pretty safe for clinical use as well, since it doesn’t emit radioactive rays at all.

What’s Next ?

The “Smart Stethoscope” looks to be the next big thing in the world of clinical assessments for kidney stone sufferers, and it will only be a matter of time until the rest of the world catches up onto using it for the improved health & welfare of mankind.

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