Doctor, Isn’t it Time to See a Doctor?

Doctor, Isn't it Time to See a Doctor?Being a doctor is a great life. You get to care for others, heal them when they are sick and you also also enjoy a high position in society based on your profession. Unfortunately, doctors are still human beings. As human beings, they eventually get sick. This is a dilemma that faces many new doctors. Especially for new doctors, they feel like they are invincible because of the many cases of sickness that they have treated.

When doctors get sick, they get depressed and frustrated. Sometimes many of them go in denial and claim that they do not get sick. This is just human nature. However, it is really not a good idea to self medicate even if you are a doctor. Doctors need to know when it is time for them to go see a doctor. Here are some signs that indicate it’s time.

“If symptoms persist consult your doctor…”

Many over the counter medication has this warning on their labels. This is because it is true. If your symptoms persist, you better go see a doctor. It does not matter if you are a hot shot doctor and you’re equipped with the best gadgets like the best stethoscopes for doctors, and the like.. You will not be performing at your best if you are sick. This means all your knowledge and expertise in medicine will be useless because your brain is limited by your symptoms. You cannot think straight when you are sick. This is why you have to trust your well being to others. This means if your symptoms won’t go away, then you better go talk to your doctor.

“When it is not your specialty…”

Medicine is now a very wide field. There are doctors who specialize in only treating a single organ of the body against all kinds of threats. This is why doctors need other doctors to treat them. For example, if you are a doctor that specializes in treating the lungs, then you really should consult with a different doctor if you have a problem with your liver. Trying to treat yourself will be a disservice to yourself. This is also true if your condition is in accordance to your specialty. You will never be able to do a good job if you are treating yourself.

“When your insurance requires it…”

You pay a lot of money for your insurance. This is why it is very important that you care for that insurance at all costs. One of the ways to care for the insurance is to adhere to the insurance policy that you bought. Most medical insurance require people to actually see a doctor. Self medication even if the one doing it is an actual doctor is not a good idea at all.

You may be a great doctor but you cannot be at your greatest if you are sick. Your body and brain is not performing well. This is why as soon as you feel down or different, it is best that you go see a new doctor. It can be a pain but it is necessary.

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