A Stethoscope in a Phone?

Stethoscopes can be likened to a marker that you are a medical professional. If you have a stethoscope around your neck, people will automatically assume that you are either a doctor or a nurse. As the primary diagnostic tool of medical professionals, a stethoscope is the first thing that you will learn when you are in medical school.

In terms of development and progress, stethoscopes have not seen a significant design change every since its invention. It still uses a diaphragm made of sensitive materials that detects bodily sounds and transports these sounds via a series of tubes to the ears of the doctor. The only difference between first generation stethoscopes and current stethoscopes is the fact that modern stethoscopes are made with better materials and with better production values.

While this is a testament to the timeless design of a contemporary stethoscope, this does not mean that stethoscopes will not be revolutionized by modern stethoscope. Modern technologies can now be tapped into for better stethoscope designs. Take for example a modern smartphone that is capable of being used as a very sensitive stethoscope with a lot of comprehensive applications.

High End Applications Using Sensitive Phone Hardware

Modern smartphones like the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy II boasts of high end audio processing software. The microphones embedded in your standard smart phone are very sensitive. They also use the best sound chips available in the market. This means your smartphone has the hardware capability to produce high quality audio recordings that only professional studios can do a few years prior. If you pair this hardware with a well developed application that is designed for a specific purpose, you can create a whole new device that can revolutionize a particular industry.

There are currently two major stethoscope applications available for smartphones. These are the Thinklabs Stethoscope Medical app and 3M’s digital stethoscope with Zargis Cardioscan software. These two software applications are designed to maximize the hardware capabilities of modern smartphones in order to convert a typical smartphone into a very useful and sensitive device that doctors can use in order to help in properly diagnosing the ailment that a patient feels.

Super Sensitive Sound Detection -More Accurate Than Human Ears

One of the main issues that many doctors point out is the fact that bodily sounds are often hard to hear even with the most expensive traditional stethoscopes available. Sometimes a doctor has to make sure that their ears are very sensitive in order to be able to do their jobs properly. Unfortunately, as much as we try to avoid it, our hearing can lose some sensitivity as we age. This means there may come a point in time in a doctor’s life when he realizes that he will need to buy hearing aids just to be able to use even a high end and very sensitive stethoscope model like the Littmann Master Cardiology Stethoscope.

However, with the advent of digital stethoscope application in modern smartphones you no longer need to worry about a stethoscope’s sensitivity. All you have to do is to position the smartphone’s microphone directly at the body part that you want to diagnose and the smartphone will take care of the rest. The great thing about digital stethoscopes is the fact that if the sounds are a bit faint, the smartphone can easily amplify it into a level that you can easily hear. In fact, many ordinary doctors who are not yet of advanced age go and use a digital stethoscope when diagnosing a patient because it is just easier for them.

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Comprehensive Audio Analysis

When you use a standard and traditional stethoscope, you are only limited to observing what certain body parts sound like to you. This can be very subjective and can require years of constant practice until the doctor gets a knack for it. However, with modern stethoscope applications in smartphones, doctors are now able to do more than just listen to sound. Some stethoscope applications partner with other equality powerful medical software in order to convert the recorded sounds into intricately analyzed graphical representations. A doctor can look at the frequency pattern of say, your heart, and determine if your heart is doing ok.

Very Easy To Acquire and Bring Around

Most doctors often use smartphones as their preferred choice of communication. This means they bring it around. By installing a stethoscope application at a very affordable price, doctors can easily add more functionality to his current list of smartphone applications.

Are These Apps Worth it?

However, though this smartphone app comes with tons of advantageous, it still can’t outdo the trustworthiness of the actual stethoscope. Thus, even if this app has been around the market for quite some time already, many medical professionals are still not confident that it can effectively replace their trusted Littmann Cardiology III Stethoscope.

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