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With all of the different stethoscopes on the market, it can be difficult to determine the best stethoscope to meet your requirements. We feature reviews of the best cardiology stethoscopes, electronic stethoscopes, and classic stethoscopes. We collect ratings, feedback, and reviews from medical professionals in the field and along with our analysis present you with only the best stethoscopes on the market.

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Littmann Master Cardiology
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Littmann Cardiology III
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Littmann Master Classic II
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Littmann Classic II S.E.
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Littmann Lightweight II S.E.
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Today’s Best Stethoscope For Medical Studnets

The Best Stethoscope For Medical Students Today Is The:

Littmann Cardiology III

Littmann Cardiology III Stethoscope

What Does a Medical Student Need?

A medical student needs a stethoscope that is exceptionally versatile. When choosing the ideal unit for medical students, we took into consideration various factors such as their need for an “all-around” device that’s very easy and convenient to use.

During med school, students are exposed to a variety of cases in the field. They aren’t experts yet, so they need to be equipped with devices that can help them hone their skills. This is why it is very important for any medical student to have a reliable stethoscope that’s very accurate, easy, and convenient to work with.

Exceptional Versatility + Outstanding Performance

Considering the needs of a medical student, our team has assessed that the top stethoscope for medical students is the Littmann Cardiology III. Nothing is as ideal as the Cardiology III — the unit is the perfect mix of exceptional versatility and outstanding acoustic performance. It get a rating of 9/10 for its excellent acoustics thanks to it “two-in-one” tube design. It is also very easy to use because you can hear both high and flow frequency sounds without having to flip the chest piece over.

A Variety of Options

What’s even great about the Littmann Cardiology III is that it comes in two sizes — a 22-inch model and a 27-inch model. Moreover, it is available in 11 different colors and sports a 5-year warranty.

For medical students, nothing can be more ideal than the Littmann Cardiology III stethoscope. It offers quality and versatility at a very good price. 

Top 3 Best Selling Stethoscopes For Medical Student

  1. Littmann Cardiology III
  2. Littmann Master Cardiology
  3. Litmann Master Classic II

These three stethoscopes are the top three of the top selling stethoscopes for medical students. For the best deals on these stethoscopes, you may click the links above.

Our top three can surely meet the demands of a medical student’s needs. If you’re looking to a stethoscope to use for school, you will never go wrong with these three.

Overall Rating

Littmann Lightweight II S.E. Stethoscope Review

An Effective and Affordable Entry Level Option

Littmann Lightweight II S.E. StethoscopeNurses, nursing assistants, and medical students searching for an affordable but reliable stethoscope  will find the Littmann Lightweight II S.E. Stethoscope a suitable buy.

It is best used for basic physical examination and blood pressure work and comes loaded with quality features as is expected from the well-respected Littmann brand.

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It has also received very good reviews from medical professionals using it. They’ve stated it is a very good all-round affordable stethoscope that offers dependable service and is a great value.

It weighs just under 4oz so its light enough to hang on your neck all day as you go about your work. It is a double-sided stethoscope that uses the patented  3M ‘tunable technology’ and has a long 28 inch tubing that gives extra room to maneuver during patient examinations. Continue reading “Littmann Lightweight II S.E.” »

Overall Rating

Littmann Classic II SE Review

The All-Purpose and Reliable Stethoscope

Littmann Classic II SEUsually high quality stethoscopes come with an equally high price tag. That is why the Littmann Classic II SE is considered a great value for anyone looking for a stethoscope for general use.

Whether you’re doing blood pressure work or routine physical examinations, the Littmann Classic II SE delivers consistent high acoustic sensitivity that you can depend on. Almost every Littmann Classic II SE review submitted by doctors and nurses overwhelmingly recommended this model for medics looking for a comfortable, reliable, and durable stethoscope.

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The Classic II SE is a lightweight stethoscope weighing in at just over 4 oz. and features a two-sided chest piece. One side is a traditional bell whilst the other works as a tunable diaphragm. It is 28 inches long which gives you plenty of leeway as you examine patients. It is also available in a range of delightful colors to suit your personal taste.
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Overall Rating

Littmann Master Classic II Stethoscope

An Award Winning Stethoscope for Design & Performance

Littmann Master Classic II StethoscopeNursing professionals looking for a top-notch diagnostic tool will find the Littmann Master Classic II Stethoscope a great choice for physical assessments.

Amongst the wide range of Littmann stethoscopes, the Master Classic II is ideally suited for certified nursing assistants, EMTs, entry level nurse, licensed vocational nurses, medical assistants, nursing students, and registered nurses.

Medical professionals have given it mostly  5 stars in their reviews, praising it for how easy it was to use, its comfortable fit, and excellent acoustics.

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This ergonomically designed  stethoscope weighs in at just over 5 oz and is 27 inch long which gives you extra length during patient exams.

It features a tunable diaphragm that allows you to listen to both low and high frequencies. Its headset comes equipped with soft sealing ear tips.  You can also choose your favorite color  out of the 13 possible color choices available.
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Overall Rating

Littmann Cardiology III Stethoscope Reviews

Top-notch acoustics and versatility combined

Littmann Cardiology III StethoscopeMedics seeking a high-quality stethoscope that meets the exacting standards of the medical profession will find the Littmann Cardiology III Stethoscope a worthwhile investment. Renowned for its acoustic excellence, the Cardiology III stethoscope has two patented diaphragms capable of hearing both low and high frequency sounds far beyond other stethoscope models.

Suitable for cardiologists and pediatricians, it is also popular among nurses, veterinarians, and other medics. When surveyed, most medical proffessionals gave it a 5 star rating. It it  one of the most highly regarded and advanced stethoscopes in its class.

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The Cardiology III has innovative design features as is expected from the well-known 3M company, such as the patented tunable diaphragm and the dual tubing. Weighing a light 175 grams, it is available in two sizes- a short 22 inches for close-up examinations and a longer 27 inches when you need extra length. If you’re tired of the standard black color found on many stethoscopes , you will enjoy choosing your favorite look  from the 11 unique colors available such as Caribbean Blue, Hunter Green and Plum. It is made of durable and solid stainless steel and comes with a 5  year warranty.
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Overall Rating

Littmann Master Cardiology Stethoscope Review

A Top of the Line Masterpiece with a 5 Star Rating

Littmann Master Cardiology StethoscopeThe Littmann Master Cardiology stethoscope represents the top of the line in Littmann’s cardiology line and is regarded as the ultimate acoustical stethoscope.

It is highly recommended for cardiologists and other medical professionals ranging from critical care nurses and emergency physicians to  pediatricians and neurologists.

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With a perfect 10 out of 10 performance rating and 5 star rating from satisfied buyers, it lives up to its reputation as a masterpiece. Its top-notch features include excellent acoustics, durable design, and modern tunable technology.

It has a single sided chest piece and a two- tubes in- one headset, and can be bought in either of two lengths – 22 or 27 inches. It weighs just under 6oz and has a special procedures adaptor, a non-chill rim and soft ear tips. In addition, it is available in  7 colors for a personal touch.
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